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Jelena 2021-Mar-02 Women leaders in management and research at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Jelena 2021-Feb-23 Self-assessment scales for measuring gender equality as a tool for awareness raising and f...
Jelena 2021-Jan-19 Handling the inevitable resistance to Gender Equality
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-11 Gendered Innovations: Quick Takes
Jelena 2020-Dec-01 Sexual harassment in Swedish forestry education – interview with researcher Stina Powell
admin's picture admin 2020-Oct-22 Eurodoc. "The aftermath of the pandemic for early career researchers in Europe"....
admin's picture admin 2020-Oct-19 Flaherty, Colleen. "No Room of One's Own Early journal submission data suggest C...
admin's picture admin 2020-Oct-19 Kitchener, Caroline. "Women academics seem to be submitting fewer papers during coron...
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Aug-24 Women in science are battling both Covid-19 and the patriarchy
Maria Jose Romano's picture Maria Jose Romano 2020-Jun-15 Tracking Gender Data on COVID-19 - Blog series
AlisaPetroff 2020-May-19 From Crisis to a New Social Compact: An inclusive, intersectional feminist approach is the...
Jelena 2020-May-11 Croatia: Their path towards gender equality with an emphasis to academia and research
Jelena 2020-Mar-20 On-site visits progress and evaluation
Jelena 2020-Mar-18 Bias-aware teaching and learning
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-17 Why is Iceland the world’s global leader in gender equality?
Jelena 2020-Feb-20 Working together towards gender equality in academia – SPEAR’s cooperation with sister pro...
Jelena 2020-Feb-20 Cultivating Humanities: the Studies of Gender
Jelena 2020-Feb-20 Linking experiences: a path for gender equality
Jelena 2019-Jul-16 Set of blog posts on SPEAR’s methodological path towards Gender Equality Plans in Research...