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Name Country Scientific discipline E2E Member
Mónica Lopes Portugal Social sciences Yes
Teresa Carvalho Portugal Social sciences Yes
Colette Schrodi France Media and communications No
Monica Guadalupe Chavez Elorza Mexico Social sciences Yes
kristin_leimer's picture Kristin Leimer Germany Agricultural and environmental sciences, Social sciences No
Maruxa's picture Maruxa Martinez-Campos Natural sciences No
merysan's picture Maria Sangiuliano Italy Humanities, Interdisciplinary Yes
Cornelia Crucean No
Erika Comasco No
Elyse Lane Australia Social sciences, Humanities Yes
Lina Donnarumma's picture Lina Donnarumma Italy Social sciences, Economics and business Yes
Maria Rosa Ballester Spain Medical and health sciences No
Sara Falcão Casaca Portugal Social sciences Yes
Katja Legisa EU28 Social sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary No
Aneta Ostaszewska Poland Social sciences, Educational sciences, Sociology Yes
Elisabeth Torras-Gómez Spain Social sciences Yes
Virginia Miravé Leroudier Spain Social sciences, Humanities No
Sandra Garcia Colombia Social sciences, Humanities Yes
Mónica Cano Abadia Europe Medical and health sciences, Humanities, Philosophy, ethics and religion Yes
Karin Höhne Germany No
Francesca Pugliese Italy Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
MarieSchwan's picture Marie Schwan Germany Yes
Jennie Rothwell No
Luisa Vieites Rodrigues France Social sciences No
Isabel Pla-Julián Europe Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Agostina_Allori's picture Agostina Allori Belgium Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Maxime Forest's picture Maxime FOREST France Social sciences Yes
KHAS Gender's picture Kadir Has University Gender Center Turkey No
Eugenia Vilarchao France Natural sciences, Biological sciences, Medical and health sciences No
Anke Kleff Europe Yes
cguillo's picture Clara Guilló Spain Social sciences, Sociology Yes
Sara Enrique's picture Sara Enrique Spain Medical and health sciences, Social sciences No
Marion Lesur's picture Marion Lesur France Social sciences, Humanities No
Laura Donnet Argentina Yes
Bertha.GARCIACIENFUEGOS's picture Bertha Cecilia Garcia Cienfuegos Peru Natural sciences, Engineering and technology, Agricultural and environmental sciences Yes
Tracy Consolate Kajumba's picture Tracy C Kajumba United Kingdom Agricultural and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Ganeshram Srinivasan India None specifically / all Yes
Patrycja Sosnowska-Buxton Social sciences, Educational sciences, Sociology Yes
Ilknur Hacısoftaoğlu's picture İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu Turkey Social sciences, Sociology Yes
marcovenuti's picture Marco Venuti Marco Italy Other natural sciences, Educational sciences, Humanities No