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Jelena 2019-Dec-06 Experience of the Vilnius University in promoting diversity and equal opportunities
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2019-Nov-25 Sex and gender analysis improves science and engineering
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Academic career making and the double-edged role of academic housework
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 The making of the ‘excellent’ university: A drawback for gender equality
Paulina Sekula 2019-Oct-25 Enabling women to run for the elections for the University's Council
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Testing the concept of academic housework in an European setting: Part of academic career...
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 New managerialism in the academy: Gender bias and precarity
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Gender Mainstreaming in Public Financing of Universities: Central Findings for Germany
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Gender Budgeting to Expose Inequalities in a Precarious Academia – and Redistribute Resour...
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Gender budgeting in education from a wellbeing approach: An application to Italy and Spain
Martina Erlemann's picture Martina Erlemann 2019-Sep-27 Lesson Plan Series: Reflections on Gender & Physics
Martina Erlemann's picture Martina Erlemann 2019-Sep-27 Diversity in the Cultures of Physics: A European Summer School Curriculum
joerg's picture joerg 2019-Apr-26 Essential metrics for assessing sex and gender integration in health research proposals in...
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Measuring Gender Diversity in Research Teams: Methodological Foundations of the Gender Div...
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Using Wearable Sensors in Gender Research. Comparative Case Study Report.
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Gender Diversity and Team Science. Conceptual Framework
slozano 2018-Oct-09 Gender balance in the scientific production of the Atapuerca archaeological and palaeontol...
s.heidari's picture s.heidari 2018-Mar-15 Harmonising gender and science
s.heidari's picture s.heidari 2018-Mar-15 A Systematic Review of the Inclusion (or Exclusion) of Women in HIV Research: From Clinica...
s.heidari's picture s.heidari 2018-Mar-15 Women hold up half the sky - and half the burden of the HIV epidemic