Enabling women to run for the elections for the University's Council

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The Project INTEGER has taken on a pioneering role at SU and in Lithuania as a whole as regards institutional transformation for bringing about gender equality in higher education institution. In 2010 no one woman was elected to the Council of SU which consists of 11 members. Referring to the Law on Higher Education and Research (2009) the Council of a state university is one of the main collegial management bodies. Council approves the institution's vision and mission, a strategic action plan; set the procedure of management, use and disposal of funds of University. Within the frame of INTEGER project SU has designed and piloted University Council Election Campaign Tactics and Strategy for the top decision making body elections. It aimed at increasing the gender balance at top-tier decision making levels and promoting women candidates. The timing for this initiative was convenient and integral due to circumstances of an upcoming election.
The election campaign of project INTGER was coordinated by the GSC and the Implementation team. This was done via active candidate search and recruitment, planning, consultations with legal officers and dissemination actions

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