Searching for Excellence & Diversity: Recruiting Resources for Search Committees

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This webpage supplements and updates the recruiting and networking resources listed in the publication, Searching for Excellence and Diversity: A Guide for Search Committees. The resources listed below target publications and organizations that will help you to recruit women and underrepresented minority applicants for your open positions.

We recommend that you use these resources to supplement your advertisements in key journals of specific disciplines and in general academic publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education or Science and Science Careers. Though women and members of minority groups will undoubtedly see your advertisements in the standard journals for your field, you can increase the likelihood that they will apply for your open positions by also advertising in publications for women and minorities. Advertising in these publications demonstrates your commitment to conducting a diverse search and may encourage women and minorities to regard your institution as place in which they would be welcome.

In addition to advertising, you can use these resources to post job openings in online career centers, search for qualified candidates in online databases, and strive to increase the diversity of your own professional networks by relying on contact information provided for various societies and organizations, and in some cases for their leaders and members.


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