Intersectionality and diversity

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joerg's picture joerg 2023-Mar-10 Equity and Inclusion in Education: Finding Strength through Diversity
BEO's picture BEO 2022-Nov-03 Combating hate crime against LGBTIQ* persons
BEO's picture BEO 2022-Nov-02 Drafting National LGBTIQ* Action Plans
BEO's picture BEO 2022-Oct-11 Equality of Rainbow families
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Dec-13 No to Gender - Yes to what exactly? Insights into the European anti-gender movement
Sergi Yanes 2021-Oct-28 ACT on Intersectionality
Sergi Yanes 2021-Sep-30 ACT on Integrating Sex and Gender Analysis in Research & Innovation
Sergi Yanes 2021-Sep-30 CoP Facilitator Training Series: Participatory modeling
Anke@GESIS's picture Anke@GESIS 2021-Apr-07 GEECCO Infographic ‘Gender Equality Approaches and Their Impact on GEP Implementation’
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Jan-20 Persecution on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity- asylum rights, proce...
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Jan-20 LGBTI Rights. Germany in a European Comparison
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Jan-20 LGBTI policies in Europe- Overview and Outlook
BEO's picture BEO 2021-Jan-20 Perspectives on the new LGBTI strategy announced by the European Commission
joerg's picture joerg 2021-Jan-12 Intersectional Approaches to Equality Research and Data
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-11 What Sexual and Gender Minority People Want Researchers to Know About Sexual Orientation a...
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-11 Documenting Research with Transgender, Nonbinary, and Other Gender Diverse (Trans) Individ...
Sergi Yanes 2020-Nov-26 Gendered Innovations 2: How Inclusive Analysis Contributes to Research and Innovation: Pol...
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Sep-14 Intersectionality in STEM
Maria Jose Romano's picture Maria Jose Romano 2020-Sep-02 Beyond sex and gender analysis: an intersectional view of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak a...
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joerg's picture joerg 2021-Apr-08 NIH Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office (SGMRO)