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Maria Jose Romano's picture Maria Jose Romano 2023-Jul-28 Realising Girls’ and Women's Inclusion, Representation and Empowerment
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 RESET
gigi guizzo's picture gigi guizzo 2021-Mar-23 #ACTIVproject support for women who exit situations of GBV
florian holzinger 2019-Jul-22 GRANteD Project
gigi guizzo's picture gigi guizzo 2018-Jul-24 Igualtats Connectades : Intersectionality in local public policies
Rachel Palmén's picture Rachel Palmén 2018-Jan-31 TARGET: TAking a Reflexive approach to Gender Equality for institutional Transformation
Athena-Maria 2017-Nov-09 Training for gender equality | GRACE
Giobanna Buenahora 2017-May-31 Seminario de Formación de Habilidades Profesionales con Perspectiva de Género
Elizabeth Pollitzer's picture Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-May-02 The GGEO project
Elizabeth Pollitzer's picture Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-16 GET UP – Gender Equality Training to overcome unfair discrimination practices in education...
bbiglia 2017-Apr-05 Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence: Training for Sustainable Services
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2017-Apr-04 Tools for Change
sabinagp's picture sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Data collection to the professorships with a full or partial denomination for Women's...
sabinagp's picture sabinagp 2017-Mar-10 Database for Gender Studies, Margherita von Brentano Center, Freie Universität Berlin
isabel.ruiz 2016-Nov-25 Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance
Olson.Mary's picture Olson.Mary 2016-Jul-31 Gender and Radiation Impact Project
Ana Proykova's picture Ana Proykova 2015-Dec-20 European Platform of Women Scientists
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-09 TechGirls
kamila_k_benova's picture kamila_k_benova 2015-Sep-08 WINNET8 / Women's Resource Centres, Promoting Innovation in Gender Equality across Eu...
kamila_k_benova's picture kamila_k_benova 2015-Sep-07 Understanding and Providing a Developmental Approach to Technology Education