Women in industrial research. A wake up call for European industry

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How will industrial research companies in the European Union find the talent they need to meet the competitive and technological challenges of the 21st Century? How will they enlarge R&D capacity when there are already shortages of highly qualified industrial researchers? This report has the answer: women need to be far more effectively attracted into, retained within and promoted in science, engineering and technology in the private sector. There are already thousands of well-qualified women in the EU whose talents are not being used. To make the most of this opportunity demands organisational and cultural change on the part of industrial research companies backed by governments' proving appropriate framework conditions. This report comes from companies in industrial research from Europe and North America who are leading the way in opening up both laboratories and boardrooms to women. They draw on their own and others' experiences as well as new analyses of statistics and research. Prepared at the request of the European Commission, the report offers a blueprint for making the most of the under-utilised half of the talent pool, while providing women with the opportunity and excitement of contributing to innovation and creativity through careers in industrial research. - The European Union wants to increase spending on R&D - Industrial research companies are already facing a shortage of qualified researchers - Women are obvious the untapped resource - Organisational and cultural change is needed to attract, retain and promote women better - Younger people are demanding a better work/life balance - Governments need to provide the right framework conditions - Concerted action is needed to make industrial research more competitive

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"Women in industrial research. A wake up call for European industry "
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