On the Innovation of Gender Statistics Concept

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Although since the 1990s, the work of gender statistics in China has obtained apparent achievements growing out of nothing; several problems are still existed in this domain, such as the insufficiency of the data of gender statistics, the relatively low sensitivity of indicators, and the unimproved indicator system of gender statistics. All these problems and deficiencies not only restricted experts and scholars to accurately master and evaluate the current situation of gender equality and women's development in China, but influenced upon the awareness of the significance and emergency of the implementation of gender equality basic state policy for the decision-makers and the general public. 
I. Connotation and Nature of Gender Statistics 
The common drafted "Research Report of the Countermeasures for the Establishment and Improvement of Gender Statistics with Chinese Characteristics" elaborated the definition of gender statistics as follows: gender statistics refers to a kind of statistical method for the analysis and research of social economic development and changes, which describes, analyzes, studies and judges the series of phenomenon and problems during the process of social economic development, and in turn discover the methods to solve the unequal development between male and female through the differences between both sexes in the aspects of status, power, roles and development condition in the social economic development. Gender statistics requires not only the provision of general correlation data between men and women, but also the guarantee of correct calculation and estimation of the rate of social participation and contribution by both men and women. 
II. Necessity and Significance of the Innovation of Gender Statistics 
With rapid social economic development, the fundamental function of the gender statistical information in the scientific decision-making gradually becomes more apparent. The amount and quality of gender statistical information in demand by governments and organizations at all levels grow bigger and higher. Therefore, the conversion of the previous traditional mind-set and the innovation of gender statistics are not only of great significance, but necessity. 
i. The Global Women's Movement Promotes the Innovation of Gender Statistics 
ii. Gender Mainstreaming Appeals for the Innovation of Gender Statistics 
iii. Scientific Monitoring of the Outline Program for Development of Women and Children Requires the Innovation of Gender Statistics 
iv. International Experiences of Gender Statistics Promotes the Innovation of Gender Statistics 
III. The Concept Innovation of Gender Statistics 
The innovation of gender statistics shall be all-around and on-going, which is not an event of one single side or in a certain period of time. The statistical innovation in common sense is mainly composed of three aspects, namely concept innovation, indicator innovation and method innovation. From the perspective of the most dominating factors that influence and restrict the normal development of Chinese gender statistical work on the basis of this theory, we believe that one of the most vital missions of the gender statistical innovation in China is the realization of concept innovation. 
IV. Conclusion 
The conduct of bringing the concepts of gender sensitivity and gender mainstreaming into current gender statistics would not only grant "gender" with the connotation of gender in the gender statistics, but make the statistical work pay more attention to the roles of both sexes in social development, which are then favorable for the formation of a whole set of innovative, comprehensive, and accurate indicator system, methods and modes that is applicable in gender statistics.

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