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You would like to implement Gender Equality measures and need some inspiration?Welcome to the GENERA Toolbox! A structured collection of good practices. You can find the link to the interactive GENERA Toolbox below. The GENERA Toolbox was created withing the GENERA project (2015 - 2019) and aimed at assisting GENERA partner organisations that are in the process of the implementation of gender equality plans (GEPs) in tailoring their GEPs and gender equality measures to their needs. For this purpose, the toolbox offers a range of more than 100 measures that can serve as models for other organisations. It is a structured collection of good practices - measures, instruments, and activities - that aim to address gender inequality. Information was collected and catalogued on gender equality measures related to structural, social, cultural, and political aspects of work environments in various (mainly physics related) RPOs and RFOs as well as HEIs. Do you have any further questions?Ask the GENERA CoP Team:

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