Gender Equality in the European Social Fund 2007-2013

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The ESF supports measures to increase the involvement of women in the labour market, thereby contributing towards the attainment of the Lisbon target for a female employment rate of 60% by 2010. Activities supported include career development, access to new job opportunities, startup of businesses, and the reduction of vertical and horizontal segregation of the labour market on the basis of sex. The ESF also finances accompanying measures aiming at providing care services for children and other dependents so that women and men can participate in training and other skills-upgrading activities. Support is furthermore provided for ensuring greater flexibility in delivery arrangements for education and training, and specifi c targeting of activities for women (e.g. business start-ups).

This document aims at providing some information on the possibilities offered by the ESF for supporting gender equality and gender mainstreaming actions in the context of the new programming period 2007–2013.

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