Gender and Science Policy Briefs: From "Where to start" to "How to innovate": An Introduction

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This policy brief series is geared to national level policy makers and institutional science leaders in research performing organisations (RPOs) and research funding organisations (RFOs). It consists of twenty-six policy briefs.

Twenty of these policy briefs are grouped around five themes: 1) Recruitment and Promotion, 2) Gender Equality Plans, 3) Gender Dimension in Research Content in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), 4) Gender Dimension in Research Content in Research Funding Organisations (RFOs) and 5) Gender Balance in Decision-Making. Given the variety of policy agendas and implementation levels across European countries, each topic is furthermore subdivided into four briefs, targeting these different national policy levels.

Furthermore, six individual policy briefs focus on: 1) tackling sexual harassment, 2) intersectionality, 3) securing top-level support for gender equality, 4) building gender competence and knowledge 5) statistics and methodology and 6) implementation and resistance. These six policy briefs are not targeted at a specific country group. This introduction  outlines the methodology used for the twenty thematic briefs.  




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