The contribution of sex and gender analysis to research

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This brief paper highlights the EU/US Gendered Innovations (GI) Project which aims to develop methods of sex and gender analysis for research. A total of 21 case studies from a broad range of scientific fields offer concrete illustrations of how sex and gender analysis leads to new ideas and excellence in research . Two case studies are described to some extent: stem cell research and an example on the increase in non-communicable diseases from the field of nutrigenomics. The peerreviewed full case studies, including all references can be found at the GI website. In Horizon 2020 “Gender will be addressed as a cross-cutting issue in order to rectify imbalances between women and men, and to integrate a gender dimension in research and innovation programming and content”. Applicants are referred to the GI materials as a resource for those topics flagged for gender relevance.

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"The contribution of sex and gender analysis to research"
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