Communication Clash: Gender and Generational Effects on Communication in the Workplace

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Communication is everywhere and encom passes everything. Effective communication is an essential skill that is used daily and is related to success in all facets of life. In today's world of business, an organization's survival depends on employee communication. When communication is ineffective, the organization suffers. Whether oral or auditory, electronic or written, non-verbal or verbal, some form of communication is involved in every task, activity, or process performed everyday. The world is completely reliant on communication to perform even the most basic of all daily tasks. Without communication almost all daily functions would cease and the world as it is known today would grind to a halt. On any given day, one participates numerous times in the communication process. For the first time in history, two genders and four generations share the workplace. Not understanding the gender traits or managing generational differences can result in a clash of communication styles and work ethics that can create cultural chaos. These differences are often responsible for conflict and miscommunication, but need not divide the workplace. The key to working with different generations lies in our ability to understand gender and generational motivations and values. Being able to appreciate and use these differences to enhance the work environment will help bridge the generation gap and enhance communications in the workplace.

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