GEARING ROLES- Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES

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Increased access and inclusion of women in higher education does not mean that equal status between men and women and personal empowerment has been achieved. Even though universities and research centres are obliged to implement gender equality plans (GEP), ensuring effective implementation and avoiding resistance is difficult. The EU-funded GEARING ROLES project will assess GEPs at five universities and one research organisation. Applying the criteria established and tested by GEAR-tools, it will evaluate the recognition and promotion of women’s research careers and the incorporation of women in decision-making positions. The results will contribute to greater understanding and elimination of unconscious gender-driven stereotypes that hinder gender equality. Devising and implementing GEPs in higher education institutions or research centers is a formal requirement to enhance actions that favor real and effective equality between women and men. While this is a reality, its effectiveness is bound to a series of factors, like the suitability of the agents involved in its setting-up, the strategic alliances built, and the awareness raised on the potential resistances –both tangible and intangible- that are to be faced in its implementation and prevent real structural changes in these organisations. Every GEP should be understood as a process that is born out of the will to grow and become stronger so that equality between women and men can be promoted and legitimised. One way to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a GEP is to collect and incorporate the expertise, knowledge and experience of previous projects. For this reason, our project aims to implement 6 equality plans in 6 organizations (5 Universities and 1 Research Funding Organization) applying the criteria established and tested by GEAR-tools. The goal is to advance in the application and evaluation of equality measures in universities with the support of non-university entities that favor their promotion, impulse, evaluation and development. The GEPs will pursue the recognition and promotion of the research career of women, the incorporation of women in decision-making positions, and the promotion of a culture of equality in organizations. To this end, the focus will be on the deconstruction of sexual roles in order to unveil often unconscious gender biases that operate in processes of decision-making, selection and promotion of people and in the attribution of value and recognition.
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 to Saturday, December 31, 2022
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