GEDII e-discussion on Gender Diversity Index

The GEDII team has developed a composite indicator that captures gendered processes within research teams: the Gender Diversity Index. During this online discussion we aim to elaborate on its potential to become a useful resource for researchers, equality officers and policy-makers. What are the next steps?

Online discussion coordinated by Anne Laure Humbert ( and Elisabeth Günter (

Where and when?

The discussion will be hosted by GenPORT ( Contributions
are solely text-based postings in the online discussion forum.
Experts have been invited to initiate the discussion on the indicated date and stay online for
approximately two hours. Although the online discussion will remain open indefinitely afterwards,
the main activity is scheduled to happen during this specified time slot.

How to participate?

The online discussions will be available to everybody via the web. In order to actively participate
and post contributions, registration ( on the GenPORT platform and
subscription of the corresponding discussion group is required.

Contact Information

Please direct any additional inquiries to Nicole Bienge (link: or one of the
online discussion organisers.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 11:00 to 13:00
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