Connected Advocate Webinar: Tracking Trends in Gender & STEM Publications hosted by @WEPAN

Join Dr. Elizabeth Creamer for a demonstration of how the visualizations and database from the Tracking Trends in Gender & STEM project can be used.

Learn how to access the graphics and database of almost 1,000 articles to identify:

  • where to target research proposals on gender in STEM
  • what work has been funded
  • where gaps in the literature exist
  • helpful data visualizations that can be downloaded

Also learn the driving reasons for development of the database, including:

  • Promoting cross-disciplinary research and evidence-based practice by providing a database of gender and STEM publications (1995-2012)  
  • Creating ways to demonstrate the impact of the National Science Foundation Research on Gender in Science and Engineering (GSE) program.
  • Providing data-driven graphics that capture major trends in the literature.

Presented by:
Dr. Elizabeth Creamer
Virginia Tech
Dr. Elizabeth Creamer, serving in various roles over the past 30+ years at Virginia Tech, has been involved in gender and STEM issues since the late 1980s. She teaches research courses in qualitative and mixed methods research. Creamer was the recipient of the WEPAN Betty Vetter Research Award in 2010.
Creamer is interested the body of knowledge related to gender in STEM. She has served as the PI or Co-PI of three NSF grants funded by the GSE to explore factors that promote women's interest in information technology and engineering.
Her motivation for this project was to demonstrate how funding from the GSE program at NSF has contributed to the now substantial, cross-disciplinary body of knowledge about gender issues in STEM. This is what led her to the create a bibliographic database of articles described in her Connected Advocates showcase in the Women in STEM Knowledge Center (

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 15:00 to 17:00
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