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joerg's picture joerg 2016-Mar-10 GIS Institut du Genre / GIS IdG - Gender Institute
MariaZarotiadou's picture MariaZarotiadou 2016-Feb-17 Paris Pionnieres

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cheveigne Social sciences, Sociology France Gender in climatic research, Innovation and diversity (e.g. gender) Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
agodfroy's picture agodfroy Natural sciences, Engineering and technology France Gender, Gender history Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
camillesubat France Gender
namsor's picture namsor Engineering and technology, Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering France Gender Gender equality stakeholders, Women scientists’ organizations
arbogast_m Social sciences, Sociology France Gender equality stakeholders, Gender in science offices and committees
Aretiti's picture Aretiti Engineering and technology, Social sciences France Gender in history, Gender in in cultural and economic geography
NawalAïtAli's picture NawalAïtAli Social sciences, Humanities France Policy stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders
NFulopp Humanities, Languages and literature France Gender equality stakeholders
EliSim's picture EliSim None specifically / all France Science stakeholders, Gender equality stakeholders's picture samuel.dalmeida... Natural sciences, Biological sciences France Gender in law, criminology and penology Science stakeholders, Lobby organizations and campaigners