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Henrietta Dale's picture Henrietta Dale 2016-Jun-02 Sex Differences in Institutional Support for Junior Biomedical Researchers
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-Jun-01 Work group diversity
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-Jun-01 National Institutes of Health addresses the science of diversity
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-Jun-01 A Multi-Level Conceptualization of Empathy to Explain How Diversity Increases Group Perfor...
Laura Getz's picture Laura Getz 2016-Jun-01 Resistance to Implementing Gender Mainstreaming in EU Research Policy
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 The Gender System and Interaction
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 Gender as a Group Process: Implications for the Persistence of Inequality
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 Does a different view create something new? The effect of employee diversity on innovation
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 For Slow Scholarship: A Feminist Politics of Resistance through Collective Action in the N...
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 Homophily and Differential Returns: Sex Differences in Network Structure and Access in an...
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-31 Complexity Arrangements for Sustained Innovation: Lessons from 3M Corporation
Laura Getz's picture Laura Getz 2016-May-30 Consideration of Sex as a Biological Variable in NIH-funded Research
Henrietta Dale's picture Henrietta Dale 2016-May-25 Age-related eye disease and gender
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-18 Understanding Gender: Some Implications for Science and Technology
Julia Schneider's picture Julia Schneider 2016-May-18 Gender Accounting – Eine methodisch-empirische Bestandsaufnahme und konzeptionelle Annähru...
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2016-May-04 Gender and Tenure Diversity in GitHub Teams
Paola De Castro's picture Paola De Castro 2016-May-04 Sex and Gender Equity in Research: rationale for the SAGER guidelines and recommended use
joerg's picture joerg 2016-May-02 The Times They Are a-Changing ... or Are They Not? A Comparison of Gender Stereotypes, 198...
joerg's picture joerg 2016-May-02 Bad but bold: Ambivalent attitudes toward men predict gender inequality in 16 nations.
joerg's picture joerg 2016-May-02 A model of (often mixed) stereotype content: competence and warmth respectively follow fro...