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Name Scientific discipline Country Area of Gender Expertise Stakeholder group
Nina Steinweg's picture Nina Steinweg Social sciences, Law Germany Gender in law, criminology and penology Gender equality stakeholders
Irenemon's picture Irenemon Law, Other humanities Spain Gender, Gender in health sciences Science stakeholders, Scientists & Researcher
Robin Banks Social sciences, Law Australia Policy stakeholders, Employment policy makers's picture samuel.dalmeida... Natural sciences, Biological sciences France Gender in law, criminology and penology Science stakeholders, Lobby organizations and campaigners
Olga Bezbozhna's picture Olga Bezbozhna Social sciences, Law Sweden Gender in social sciences
isabelle trinquelle Social sciences, Law Greece
Claudia Miralles's picture Claudia Miralles Social sciences, Sociology Spain Policy stakeholders, Gender equality policy makers
emilia13152's picture emilia13152 Social sciences, Economics and business United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) Gender Gender equality stakeholders
drspmehra's picture drspmehra Natural sciences, Earth and related environmental sciences India Gender in biodiversity conservation, Gender in ecology Science stakeholders, Policy stakeholders
MARIA-ROSA Natural sciences, Computer and information sciences Spain Science stakeholders, Lobby organizations and campaigners