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The Gender-Equality Paradox Is Part of a Bigger Phenomenon: Reply to Richardson and Colleagues (2020)

Sergi Yanes 1 year 1 month 0 120…

Road-traffic injuries: confronting disparities to address a global-health problem

Henrietta Dale 5 years 11 months 0 122


Henrietta Dale 7 years 9 months 0 122

A Small but Significant Difference – The Role of Gender on Acceptance of Medical Assistive Technologies

Henrietta Dale 7 years 9 months 0 122

Robust Gender-Dependent Acoustic-Phonetic Modelling In Continuous Speech Recognition Based On A New Automatic Male/Female Classification

Henrietta Dale 7 years 9 months 0 123…

Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering

arroyo_lidia 5 years 11 months 0 124

Fitting into the stereotype: How gender-stereotyped perceptions of prototypic peers relate to liking for school subjects

arroyo_lidia 5 years 11 months 0 124

EvaRID - Anthropometric and Biomechanical Specification of a Finite Element Dummy Model of an Average Female for Rear Impact Testing

Henrietta Dale 7 years 9 months 0 126

De la exclusión a la autoinclusión de las mujeres en las TIC . Motivaciones, posibilitadores y mecanismos de autoinclusión

nuria 6 years 8 months 0 128

N. M. Else-Quest - J. Shibley Hyde - M. C. Linn / Cross-National Patterns of Gender Differences in Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis

kamila_k_benova 6 years 5 days 0 128