WORKING DOCUMENT on women's careers in Science and University and glass ceilings encountered

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Proposals to adjust the role of women in science (measures to eliminate)

Some measures relating to motherhood

  • When women give birth or adopt a child, their scientific production should be

    calculated as less productive for at least a year and accompanied by a work pause

    when appropriate.

  • Temporary reduction of their teaching or project management activities during the

    period of maternity.

  • Quality crèches at work must be provided.

    General measures

• Inclusion of across the board gender equality in academic and scientific activity to

integrate gender aspects into:
o Structures(maintainingsex-disaggregatedstatisticsforallacademicand

scientific activity and seeking a gender balance in professional associations

and rotation of positions)
o Programmes(includingcontentongenderequalityandconsideringthegender

impact on particular research work)
o Budget:Societymustfinancespecificeducationalprograms,inorderto

highlight the significance of gender equality.

  • Supervision of selection procedures: entrance, promotion, awarding of sabbaticals,

    project funding, scholarships etc.

  • Gender mainstreaming manuals and trainings offered to members of selection boards

  • Systematic accountability of progress in terms of equality

  • Assistance so that activities which use public money respect principles of equality

    (from the criteria that govern appointments in the Royal Academies to the science committees of congresses and national prizes or eligible positions).

    Positive Action Measures

    • Money and/or reserved positions to achieve a numerical balance between women and


    • Active recruitment of women (seeking potential candidates when women do not apply

      for a post), particularly for senior positions

    • Remedies by various organisations and fora for the correction or the drastic

      improvement of the situation.

      In addressing the issues with glass ceilings that women can encounter in the science & other fields, the important area to note is that the glass is indeed only glass. The report will bring forward examples of how the glass is encountered for various situations & individuals – and how these barriers can be whittled away, or even shattered, by taking specific measures today that address gender bias and by working with the future workforce to build confidence, skills and change perceptions. 

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