Waste of talents: turning private struggles into a public issue

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The Enwise report on the situation facing women scientists in the Central and Eastern European countries and the Baltic States shows thaht women account for 38% of the scientific workforce in these coutries. However this statistic conceals some bitter truths : a large proportion of female scientists are employed in areas where R&D expenditure is lowest. Inadequate resources and poor infrastructure impede the progress of q whole generation of promising scientists. Men are three times more likely to reach senior academic positions than women. In this rather gloomy picture, there is nevertheless a positive sign : wwoemn scientist from the Enwise coutries participate significantly in the European Union's Framework Programme. The report puts forward recommendations to the various istakeholders at European and national level, who can help to enhance the role and place of women scientists from the Enwise coutries in the European Research Area

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"Waste of talents: turning private struggles into a public issue"
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