TARGET – Gender equality monitoring tool and guidelines for self-assessment

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TARGET aims at initiating sustainable institutional change in seven gender equality innovating institutions (GEIIs) in the Mediterranean basin – including three research performing organisations (RPOs: University of Belgrade, Serbia; UH2C, Morocco and ELIAMEP - a small nonuniversity research institution located in Greece), three research funding organisations (RFOs: ARACIS, Romania; FRRB, Italy and RPF, Cyprus) as well as the Mediterranean Engineering School’s network (RMEI). The process started with the Gender Equality Audit which serves as a baseline analysis of the status quo of gender equality in each of the seven GEIIs. Based on audit results, gender equality priorities have been defined which are taken up in the Gender Equality Plan or Strategy (GEP/GES) in each GEII. The TARGET “Gender equality monitoring tool and guidelines for self-assessment” provides concrete guidance for the third stage of the TARGET project for our Gender Equality Innovating Institutions (GEIIs). Like the tools and guidelines presented so far, we don’t assume that there is a one fits all solution. In a next step the presented tool will be adapted to the specific circumstances of each GEII to be consistent with the goals formulated in the GEP/GES. Each GEII will develop a targeted set of monitoring indicators together with its supporting partner.

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