RESET Joint statement on our engagement for equality, diversity and excellence in research

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This joint statement1 of top management on their engagement for equality, diversity and excellence in research was prepared by the University of Bordeaux, with the collaboration of all RESET partners, as part of Work Package 6 – Act upon governance and upgrade existing excellence policy towards greater inclusiveness. The aim of WP6 is to reflect and co-design new institutional processes of governance in collaboration among the seven RESET institutions for a common enlarged and more inclusive definition of scientific excellence. This WP acts upon three levels: constitutional, operational and decision-making. Its purpose is to develop and adopt inclusive institutional practices and frameworks of recruitment, career progression, work-life balance and excellent research schemes. This statement is an output of both Task 6.5 – Involving top management of each RESET institution to co-design joint policies and statements on gender equality in excellent research schemes, and Task 6.6 – Co-designing and implementing our definition of scientific excellence, and disseminating to ERA. The document presents four main areas of action to leverage sustainable and efficient cultural and institutional change towards more equality and diversity while moving forward in the production of excellent research and innovation results. It illustrates our joint definition of scientific excellence, its concretization at the institutional level and strives for the elaboration of a more inclusive assessment of excellence.

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"RESET Joint statement on our engagement for equality, diversity and excellence in research"
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