PODCAST - Let’s ask an expert: the Gender dimension in Natural Science Research

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In this podcast episode, Christine Steffens from RWTH Aachen University interviews Tomas Brage, Professor of Physics at Lund University, Sweden, on the Gender dimension in Natural Science Research with Physics and math-intensive disciplines in focus.

Tomas Brage is strongly involved in work on Gender and Science and gives talks on “Gender and Physics” around Europe. He is a steering group member of the LERU Policy Group for EDI and participates in the GENERA network and the GenderEX Horizon 2020 project. He chairs the section for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of the Swedish Physical Society and is a member of the university advisory boards and expert panels for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the National University of Ireland in Galway and the Southern University of Denmark. At Lund University, he has led several equality projects including the Gender Certification project, the Antidiscrimination education, the Unconscious Bias observers and the Core Values project, just to name a few.

We had the pleasure and honour to talk with Tomas about the role of gender in Physics and math-intensive research, the integration of gender in research content, how to attract, recruit and retain diverse research talent and much more. We hope you enjoy the podcast and conversation with Tomas Brage!

Speakers: Tomas Brage and Christine Steffens

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