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Name Country Scientific discipline E2E Member
Paulina Sekuła Poland Social sciences No
April Guo Europe Engineering and technology, Social sciences, Sociology Yes
Ana Trejo Pulido Spain Natural sciences, Engineering and technology, Medical and health sciences No
Lia Lang's picture Lia Lang Germany Natural sciences, Social sciences Yes
Alexandra Plumed España Yes
Monicam's picture Monica Martins United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) Social sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Yes
Hamid Masfour Morocco Media and communications, Languages and literature, Philosophy, ethics and religion Yes
Jess Moody United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) No
Olga Kotowska-Wójcik Poland Social sciences Yes
Claudia Miralles's picture CLÀUDIA MIRALLES Spain Social sciences, Sociology, Law No
Nuria Valero Spain Interdisciplinary No
Marina Cacace Italy Social sciences Yes
Michela Fusaschi's picture Michela FUSASCHI Italy Social sciences, Humanities Yes's picture Stella Kasdagli Greece Social sciences, Humanities Yes
rparedes's picture Roger Paredes Medical and health sciences No
Alexandra Solomon USA United States of America Natural sciences, Medical and health sciences, Agricultural and environmental sciences No
Gurmeet's picture Gurmeet Kaur India Yes
baljeet singh Spain Agricultural and environmental sciences, Other discipline Yes
Grace Sabiri Mageka Global Agricultural and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Humanities Yes
George Jameson United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) Natural sciences, Physical sciences, Earth and related environmental sciences No
Karin Höhne Medical and health sciences No
wychow's picture Wing Ying Chow Germany Natural sciences, Physical sciences, Chemical sciences No
Thorgerdur J Einarsdotir Iceland Social sciences, Sociology, Other social sciences Yes
Chris Deak New Zealand Social sciences, Psychology, Sociology Yes
Udette Kirsch's picture Udette Kirsch South Africa Social sciences, Humanities Yes
ictlogist's picture Ismael Peña-López Spain No
MonaElrawi's picture Mona Elrawi Egypt Engineering and technology, Agricultural and environmental sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Laura Martí Martorell Spain Other discipline No
Marian Nkansah's picture marian Asantewah Nkansah Ghana Natural sciences Yes
Evelyne Wanjiku Wanjiku Social sciences Yes
Thais Ruiz Spain Social sciences, Humanities Yes
Ewelina Ciaputa Poland Social sciences, Sociology No
Finnborg Salome Steinþórsdóttir Iceland Social sciences No
Hazal ATAY France Social sciences Yes
Ilaria Galizia Italy Medical and health sciences, Social sciences No
Guadalupe Palacios-Nuñez Mexico Social sciences Yes
Mirela Radosevic Croatia Social sciences, Educational sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Ana Sofia Nunes Yes
Helen Beddow United Kingdom Agricultural and environmental sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Sergi Lozano Pérez Spain Social sciences, Sociology, Humanities No