About (English translation): 
Donestech was born in 2006 in Barcelona. We began a process of activist research regarding the access, uses and desires of women already involved in technology. Our purpose was to offer new platforms of expression and analysis of their experiences and views, while we intended to decipher “lela's code” about why and how women participate in technologies, investigating which desires were expressed regarding both technologies and (the women) themselves. We wondered about why women acceded to technologies, through which pathways, enablers, tools, and which type of tactics they were developing to address or overcome limiting conditions and be able to build a relationship with technologies. All this to make visible the specificities of women in ICT, enhance access of women to technology, consider the relationships of women with ICT and ourselves, continue creating networks and incorporating technologies in our research and in our technoactivist practices. As stated in our manifesto, we have been entangled, more and more and more ... so the LeLa's Code Project, has become a megaproject related to and that relates women with technology.

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