Issuecrawler Maps

NOTE: the maps might not work in Internet Explorer. In order to see the interactive features, you need to open the map in a new window by clicking on it. After the maps opens in a new window you can zoom into it by hitting Ctrl+ (or zoom out with Ctrl-)

The links can be turned off by the "Select links layers" dropdown. By clicking on the nodes themselves, the interlinkage between the selected node and its "neighborhood" is shown. 

The networks are the result of the crawler based upon seeds for "gender and science"

Issuecrawler interactive map 30.03.2014 (click to open in new window)

Issuecrawler interactive map 6.03.2014  (click to open in new window)


Issuecrawler network 18.02.2014 (click to open in new window)