Careers in Research Organizations: Addressing Sexual Harassment

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While the recruitment, advancement and retainment of women in research careers has been a priority for ERA for almost 20 years, dedicated attention to sexual harassment is relatively recent. The #MeTooAcademia and #MeTooSTEM movements have jumpstarted the discussion on the prevention of sexual harassment at the institutional level, as well as created a platform to discuss improving the way sexual harassment experiences and claims are dealt with within the research system.

This e-discussion aims to provide recent insights concerning the occurrence of, response to and prevention of sexual harassment in research performing and research funding organizations. During the first part of the e-discussion, our exchange will focus on understanding why sexual harassment can occur in such settings, and the second part will be dedicated to discussing prevention and response strategies for policy makers.

This e-discussion is of interest policy-makers as well as practitioners concerned with gender equality measures in universities and research institutions. We encourage the participation of researchers interested in the topic. Individual cases and experiences will not be discussed without consent. You are welcome to share insights in an international environment with experts from around Europe and beyond. The discussion is convened by dr Claartje Vinkenburg.



Friday, February 7, 2020 - 09:48