Three-minute Wonder Talks followed by a short AGM

Cambridge AWise is running an evening of 'three-minute wonder' talks and an AGM on 24 February 2015

Why attend and what to talk about

  • what you do (aimed at people with A level understanding of Science) either day-to-day or big picture.
  • why you do/ love it
  • your career path
  • whether being a woman makes any difference

These will be without the aid of Powerpoint slides - other props are encouraged.
The benefits of speaking are (remember all the recent workshops?):

  • you will get to practice and develop your skills at public speaking in front of a friendly audience
  • people will be more informed about you, making networking more likely to be targeted and useful

There will be various prizes (in the form of chocolate!)
The benefits of listening will be:

  • finding out about various career paths
  • getting to know your fellow CamAWiSE members
  • a chance to write a blog about one or more of the presentations (practice at more skills!)

The evening talks will run from 8-9pm. The AGM will begin at 9.15pm.

Please email Gayle Sullivan on if you would like to present a three-minute talk on the evening.

There is an option to attend just the AGM with no charge from 9.15pm if you just want to find out more about CamAWiSE and/or hear about opportunities to get involved with the organisation of CamAWiSE. Please email Gayle if you would like to attend the AGM only.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 20:00 to 22:00
Warburton Hall, Lucy Cavendish College
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