Online Certificate Course on Gender Mainstreaming (GM) - 2024 Edition

Course Description

This course on Gender Mainstreaming provides an in-depth understanding of the concept of gender mainstreaming and its importance in promoting gender equality and social justice. The course covers various aspects of gender mainstreaming, including analyzing the social, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to gender inequality and discrimination, identifying key strategies and principles for integrating gender perspectives into policies and programs, and developing practical skills to apply gender analysis tools and methodologies to different contexts.

Participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of gender mainstreaming in diverse settings, including in the workplace, government, civil society, and community development. The course will explore the role of different actors and stakeholders in promoting gender equality, including policymakers, development practitioners, social workers, and community organizers.

The course will also provide participants with the opportunity to develop practical skills, including how to conduct gender analysis, design gender-responsive policies and programs, and engage with stakeholders and partners to promote gender equality and inclusivity.

Overall, the course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to integrate gender perspectives into their work and contribute to creating more equitable and inclusive societies.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept of gender mainstreaming and its significance in promoting gender equality.
  2. Analyze the social, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to gender inequality and discrimination.
  3. Identify the key principles and strategies for integrating gender perspectives into policies, programs, and projects.
  4. Develop practical skills to apply gender analysis tools and methodologies to identify gender gaps and needs in different contexts.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of gender mainstreaming interventions and their impact on social and economic outcomes.
  6. Advocate for gender equality and inclusivity by effectively communicating and engaging with stakeholders, partners, and communities.


Target Audience

This course on Gender Mainstreaming is designed for individuals and organizations that are committed to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in their policies and practices. It is ideal for human resource professionals, policymakers, development practitioners, social workers, and community organizers who want to understand how gender roles, norms, and stereotypes impact society, and how to integrate gender perspectives into their work. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge to enhance their capacity to mainstream gender in their respective fields.


Technical Requirement

To participate in this online course, participants will need a reliable internet connection and a computer, laptop, or mobile device. The course will be hosted on Global Human Rights Leadership Training Institute platform, which participants will access using their web browser. The platform is compatible with most modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Additional technology requirements will be communicated to participants in advance if necessary.


Award of the Certificates

Participants, who successfully complete all course requirements, including assignments and assessments, will be awarded a certificate of completion in Gender Mainstreaming (GM). The certificate will highlight the skills and knowledge gained in the course, providing valuable recognition of the participant's achievements.


Course Fee

The course fee for is US$300. Limited partial scholarships are available for participant’s from developing countries who demonstrate financial need. Details on the partial scholarship application process will be provided upon registration.


Duration/Time Commitment

This advanced course on grant proposal writing and resource mobilization is designed to be flexible for busy professionals. The course has duration of 84 hours, which can be completed over a period of four (4) weeks. Participants will have access to the course materials and assignments 24/7 and can complete the coursework at their own pace. Additionally, there is a possibility of an extension if required. This flexibility allows participants to balance their work and personal commitments while still benefiting from the course.


Application Procedure

Interested participants can register for this course by filling out an online application form at or request an application form from email: The application deadline is 22nd July 2024. while payment is due on 23rd July 2024. Once accepted, participants will be provided with payment details, and payment must be made before the participant can start the course.

Further inquiries about the course may be sent to: OR

Wednesday, July 24, 2024 - 05:45 to Friday, August 23, 2024 - 05:45
53, Western Avenue, Surulere, Lagos
Online [web-based]
Type of event: 
Training school

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