GenPORT - Needs Assessment

Thank you for participating in our consultation survey, which is part of the European Union Framework Programme 7 GenPORT project,, the aim of which is to develop a portal for quality resources in gender and science fields. The portal is intended to be shaped, sourced and used by the diverse groups of actors, practitioners and stakeholders working in these fields and respond to your needs. The aim of this survey is to ensure that their needs are fully identified and considered. The questions form part of the GenPORT needs assessment process. 

To complete this survey will take around 10 minutes, please feel free to skip questions that are not applicable or you are having difficulty answering.

General activities
Questions 4-7 are about your overall activities, not just your gender and science activities. If this information is publically available please simply provide a link.


Your Gender and Science activities


Information workflow and needs in the area of gender and science


Requirements regarding the portal
22) Please indicate on a scale from 1-5 how useful you would find the following services on the GenPORT portal


Please rate the list of possible services on a scale from 1 to 5 [1=least useful; 5=most useful]