NERC introduces Unconscious Bias Training for Peer Review College

This month, NERC will introduce Unconscious Bias Training for our Peer Review College Core members and Chairs.

This training will form part of the 2014 Induction Event, which will be held in Birmingham on 25 February 2014. The event marks the introduction of the new Peer Review College structure; it aims to support members in making objective and fair decisions, and is part of the overall effort to improve consistency and the community's confidence in NERC's peer review processes.

Research has shown that bias, especially unconscious bias, is particularly strong in formal situations such as interview and assessment. This unconscious bias can negatively affect decision-making in these situations, even where there is no intention to do so.

In managing the processes for making funding decisions, NERC wants to make as sure as possible that our processes are fair and do not adversely affect any groups. Our aim is to ensure that the best researchers, and research proposals get funded.

Introduction of this training, which will run alongside the existing training, will help those Peer Review College members most frequently involved in moderating panel meetings to be aware of any possible biases they may have, how this could impact on their decision making, and how to counteract them.


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