Challenges for Gender Equality in Science in Northern European Countries

Our weekly interview series takes us this time to Sweden.  Dr. Fredrik Bondestam, Head of Operations and Research Coordinator in the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research (Sweden) will talk about recent developments on Gender Equality in  the Northern European Countries.

As he points out, the Northern European countries still have an important gender gap in academia, despite the strong gender equality legislation and the relatively high scores these countries achieve on the Gender Equality Index produced by the European Institute of Gender Equality. As Dr. Bondestam notes, in terms of Grade A professorships for example, Sweden has 23.8% women professors which is just slightly above the EU average of 20.9% (see also She Figures 2015, p.129).  

The research coordinator of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research analyses furthermore the challenges of the current situation and proposes strategies to advance in terms of gender equity for better science and society.  

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