GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT

What Type of Content is Available on GenPORT

The content available on GenPORT can be divided into the following five main categories:

  • Resources: most of our resources are documents such as academic articles, reports (including EU reports), other information portals, news services and other. An example would be: She Figures report by the EC.
  • Projects: research and support projects (many of them funded by the European Commission) constitute an important source of information that bundles people, research issues, organizations, and outputs such as publications and reports. An example: GenPORT.
  • Persons: real physical persons working or with an interest in the field of gender and science in Europe and beyond. Persons have to have a user account on GenPORT.
  • Organisations: any type of supra-individual group: a company, network, association, NGO, public body, etc.
  • Events: calendar events such as congresses, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Blog Posts: Short articles related to gender and science posted on our Blog.

In addition, these main content types can be linked among each other with “Relations”. For example, “Persons” participate in a “Project” or or members of an “Organisation”. A detailed description how to create relations is available here.