GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT

User Profile

Each GenPORT user is invited to create a profile page. Apart from providing information about the user, it provides a convenient shortcut to a user’s bookmarks, drafts and other saved links.

  • Profile info: public information visible to other GenPORT users and visitors. It should be short and descriptive, highlighting your expertise and/or interest in Gender and Science. A photo can be uploaded; you can also link to your other social networking profiles.
  • Relations: a user can be linked to other entities, e.g. be a member of an organization or author of different resources.
  • Bookmarks: lists all resources and projects you have saved as bookmarks. You can bookmark resources or projects with the “Bookmark this” flag when viewing those entities.
  • My content: all you uploaded resources, projects, organizations, events.
  • My drafts: all your content that is has not yet been published. Content that you saved as draft is only visible to you. Once you finish the uploading or creation process, press “publish” and others will be able to see and access it.
  • My groups: a list of all groups you are a member of.
  • My points: your accumulated points as calculated by the GenPORT internal reputation system.
  • Contact form: a personal contact form with which users can send you an email. Your email is not visible, if you want others to see your email, include it in the profile section.