GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT

Uploading a New Resource

In order to upload a new resource, select “Use menu > add content” and then “Resource”. Start typing the name of the resource, the system will check for potential duplicates.

Resources fall into the following types:

  • Academic article
  • Academic book
  • Report (EU or other)
  • Journal
  • Presentation
  • Policy document
  • Database or dataset
  • News service
  • Newspaper article
  • Software
  • Course
  • Publicity material
  • Other

The upload process will guide you through various steps. Please make sure that you are entitled to upload the resource to GenPORT (more detailed instructions on Copyright are available here (link)).

Important: you can either upload a digital file directly to GenPORT (such as a pdf, word, etc.) or link to an existing file on the web.