GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT


Faceted search is available through the "Search" textbox. By default, your search covers Resources, Organizations, Events, Projects and Blog Posts, i.e. all content except Users. The search engine indexes the title, abstract, WHAT ELSE…. fields.

If you need to search registered Users, click the user-icon first.

Faceted Search Results:

Search results are displayed as a simple list. The icon on the left of each title indicates its Content Type (Resource, Organisation, Event, Project, Blog Post). Each content item uploaded to GenPORT comes with several meta-data fields. Search results can be filtered according to these descriptors. Most importantly, when filtering by “Content Type” the additional filters will adapt to the specific meta-data fields for each node. An example: Searching for “gender” produces XX matches, YY of which are “Organisations”. When filtering search results for “Organisations” only, the subsequent filters are displayed such as “Country coverage” or “Sector”.