GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT

Reputation System

GenPORT incorporates an internal reputation system in order to assist the prioritizing of search results. The system is composed of “User points and roles” and “Energy of resources”.

User points and roles

Users gain or lose points according to their activity level on GenPORT. The “reputation” points influence how search results are prioritized. Points are earned by being active on the portal, either through:

  • posting content, comments and creating relations
  • the numbers of visits to, bookmarking and ‘likes’ of a user’s content

User points are also tied to Roles. Roles come with different privileges and permissions regarding the editing and administration of the portal. Once a user reaches a certain level of points, s/he will be assigned a new Role.

Resources Energy

The energy of a resource reflects its popularity on the portal and influences in turn how search results are prioritized. Every resource  has two energy parameters: its “Weekly Energy” which reflects how important it has been during the past week and its “Total Energy” which sums up its points infinitely.

The initial energy of a resource is influenced by the reputation of its user (who uploads it).