GenPORT User Manual

Use this guide to learn how to use GenPORT


Top level entities on GenPORT can be linked together with Relations. There is a small set of static relations available to add important information on the interconnectedness between Resources, Projects, Organisations, People and Events.

Relations are “global” - entities can only be linked once; these relations are visible to all other users of the portal.

Relations are displayed when viewing a given entity. Thus, the resource “Tough on the Top?” is linked to “Shapiro Consulting” which has produced it:


Adding a  new relation

In order to add a new relation, select “Add relation” tab. The current entity is already marked as the source entity.

After selecting a relation type from the drop down menu, a second input field is available for searching the “target” or “Endpoint” entity. The endpoint input field is an autocomplete field: just start typing the name of your target entity.

Depending on the chosen relation type, the system will search in the corresponding entities (for an overview of relation types and their entities see below). 

Not all relation types work for all entities!

If the target entity does not yet exist, you can create it while working.