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BEO's picture BEO 2021-Dec-13 No to Gender - Yes to what exactly? Insights into the European anti-gender movement
Rodrigo Rosa's picture Rodrigo Rosa 2021-Mar-03 The EU Mutual Learning Programme in Gender Equality. Instruments to foster long-term pater...
Bettina Enzenhofer 2021-Jan-26 Explainer video "Mobility for all"
Bettina Enzenhofer 2021-Jan-26 Explainer video "Energy for all"
Bettina Enzenhofer 2021-Jan-26 Explainer video "Robots in our society"
Bettina Enzenhofer 2021-Jan-26 Explainer video "Humans & Computers"
admin's picture admin 2020-Dec-04 The Royal Society. Unconscious Bias - A Cognitive Whiteboard Animation (Awareness raising...
admin's picture admin 2020-Dec-04 CERCA Institute. Recruitment Bias in Research Institutes (Awareness raising video). 2016
Baltic Gender 2020-Nov-10 Achieving Gender Equality in Marine Research: Specific Initiatives for Implementation by a...
Baltic Gender 2020-Nov-10 Baltic Gender One Pager: an overview of results and achievements
Paulina Sekula 2020-Aug-25 ESPAnet Seminar on Gender Equality Policies in research and academia
Gallego_AriasMC 2020-Jun-08 Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding COVID-19 among healthcare workers in Henan, Ch...
Gallego_AriasMC 2020-Jun-08 Burnout and somatic symptoms among frontline healthcare professionals at the peak of the I...
Gallego_AriasMC 2020-Jun-08 The evaluation of sleep disturbances for Chinese frontline medical workers under the outbr...
Susuana Amoah's picture Susuana Amoah 2020-Apr-13 Student Survivor Support: The #StandByMe Manifesto
clestrie's picture clestrie 2020-Mar-09 Call for Papers: Diversity and Work Atmosphere in Research Organisations
Paulina Sekula 2019-Dec-07 Invitation to take part in RRING survey (deadline 20-12-2019)
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Video about GM in academic and research organisations
joerg's picture joerg 2019-Oct-08 Special Issue of Gender & Society: “Gender Transformations of Higher Education Institu...