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s.heidari 2018-Mar-15 TEDx talk on Gender and Research
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-05 Mainstreaming gender in health adaptation to climate change programmes
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Apr-02 Gender, Age, Society, Culture, and the Patient’s Perspective in the Functional Gastrointes...
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Mar-13 Health Research Board Gender Policy
Olson.Mary 2016-Jul-31 Atomic Radiation is More Harmful to Women
inekeklinge 2016-Apr-19 Gender& Health Knowledge Agenda
Elaine Enarson 2016-Feb-09 Sex and Gender Differences in Extreme Heat Events: Building a Collaborative Knowledge Bas...
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 Sex and Gender Differences in Infection and Treatments for Infectious Diseases
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 Access to essential medicines for sexual and reproductive health care: the role of the pha...
Henrietta Dale 2015-Dec-10 Integration of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: A Health Sector Priority
inekeklinge 2015-Oct-05 Sex and Gender in Asthma (Policy Brief)
AurélieBlaser 2015-Aug-11 Infographic: How Sex and Gender Influence Health and Disease
AurélieBlaser 2015-Aug-10 Gender and Health Knowledge Agenda
Henrietta Dale 2015-Jun-23 Gender Bias in Autoimmunity Is Influenced by Microbiota
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GENDER-NET Plus 2018-Jan-11 GENDER-NET Plus co-funded call
Agnes Wojtacki 2016-Aug-22 Gender-Sensitive Health Literacy A Future Concept for Public Health?
Henrietta Dale 2015-Jun-25 7th Congress of the International Society of Gender Medicine
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Ana Valenzuela 2017-Dec-13 Working Group Taxonomy of the violence against women
inekeklinge 2015-Apr-09 European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH)
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Henrietta Dale 2014-Sep-04 Daphne Jackson Sponsored Fellowship Opportunity at University of Manchester NIHR Greater M...