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Elsa Fontainha 2017-Apr-21 Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man article forthcoming in American Economic...
arroyo_lidia 2017-Mar-17 Plan Estratégico de Igualdad de Oportunidades 2014-2016 Spain
arroyo_lidia 2016-Jul-18 Securing top-level support for gender equality - GenPORT Policy Brief 23
Mieke Verloo 2016-Feb-09 Prof. Dr. Mieke Verloo on Gender Equality Policies in Europe
Mieke Verloo 2016-Feb-08 Sisyphus' sisters. Can gender mainstreaming escape the genderedness of organizations?
arroyo_lidia 2015-Oct-01 Forum on the Future of Gender Equality in the European Union
lhusu 2015-Jul-02 Mathias Wullum Nielsen: New and persistent gender equality challenges in academia
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-13 Special Eurobarometer 376 WOMEN IN DECISION-MAKING POSITIONS REPORT
Henrietta Dale 2015-May-11 ADVANCE at a Glance
Anke@GESIS 2015-Apr-28 Gender Equality Policies in Public Research
Juliet Webster 2014-Mar-18 Gender Equality Programmes in Higher Education
Elizabeth Pollitzer 2014-Feb-18 The impact of the economic crisis on the situation of women and men and on gender equality...
Rachel Palmén 2013-Dec-16 Meta-analysis of gender and science research – Country group report Nordic countries
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glorbond 2016-Mar-03 Área de Género, Sociedad y Políticas (FLACSO-Argentina)
lhusu 2014-Apr-17 Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs, Finland
joerg 2014-Mar-10 The Helsinki Group on Women in Science
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Mieke Verloo 2016-Feb-08 Mageeq: Policy frames and implementation problems: The case of gender mainstreeming
Mieke Verloo 2014-Oct-07 Quality in Gender Equality Policies (QUING)
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arroyo_lidia 2016-Feb-07 GenPORT Video Interviews Series Launched
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Laura Getz 2015-Aug-20 Discrimination in the Labor Market