Women and sustainable energy. Guidelines for grant applicants

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This call for proposals is based on the unexpressed potential of increasing access to sustainable energy (SE) by fostering women's involvement, recognizing past and current efforts at redressing gender imbalances women are facing with regard to access to resources, including energy. It will contribute to the EU Gender Action Plan, SDG 5 (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) and SDG 7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all) as well as SE4ALL objectives.

It aims at selecting partnerships (the direct beneficiaries) which will be in charge of implementing a comprehensive action supported with an EU grant targeting at increasing the involvement of women in SE value chains, boosting their active role, their entrepreneurship and improving their access to energy services. To this end, women will be supported to access affordable finance and energy services through appropriate models. They will also be trained and educated through suitable and appropriate schemes. Advocacy and awareness campaigns will also be addressed as supportive measures where necessary. The main focus of the action is on fostering micro, small or medium size entrepreneurial activities of women in or thanks to the sustainable energy sector in developing countries. It fosters development of private sector and jobs creation in particular for women. The action should lead to implement suitable models which could be scaled up in the future and possibly streamlined into the EU ElectriFI initiative (www.electrifi.org). Synergies with the ElectriFI initiative will be sought for large size projects potentially eligible.

The final beneficiaries are mainly women in developing countries benefitting from the action, but also targeted entities, communities, etc. that can benefit from the expected results. As part of the action, the Beneficiaries must propose financial and energy support/services to final beneficiaries directly or indirectly in order to help achieving the objectives OF THE ACTION. 

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