TARGET Gender Equality Audit Tool (GEAT)

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The document presents the Gender Equality Audit Tool (GEAT) of the TARGET Coordination and Support Action (CSA). TARGET aims at implementing customised gender equality plans (GEPs) in six European research performing and research funding organisations (RPOs and RFOs), and a gender equality strategy (GES) in a network of higher education engineering schools, referred to as gender equality innovating institutions (GEIIs). In the TARGET framework and methodology, the GEAT serves as an instrument for implementing the starting point of a sustained, reflexive and participatory institutional transformation process towards enhanced gender equality in the GEIIs. The document contains a detailed description of each of the four GEAT steps: Step 1“Preparing the Participatory Gender Equality Audit”; Step 2 “Defining the Perimeters – Institutional Structure and Context”, Step 3 “In-Depth Data collection in the Three TARGET GEA Dimensions” and Step 4 “Taking Stock of Existing Gender Equality Policies”. For each step a brief explanation of the purpose and rationale of the GEA is given together with practical suggestions and handson tips as to how the GEA step can be implemented. Two additional paragraphs provide an outline of the institutional participatory workshops, and details on additional resources on promoting gender equality in RPOs and RFOs available online.

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