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NamSor Gender API is quite unique in the way we combine the first name and the last name together, to recognize the likely cultural origin and gender at the same time, for higher precision and recall.

Global coverage : NamSor covers all languages, alphabets, countries, regions. We constantly improve the precision, working with linguists, anthropologist and historians. We can recognize, for example, the gender of Indian names in scripts such as TELUGU, ORIYA, GURMUKHI, MALAYALAM, BENGALI, GUJARATI, KANNADA, DEVANAGARI, TAMIL, ARABIC, LATIN. 

The Gender API is free to use for individual calls, but if you register, you will get additional benefits such as: higher throughput (to genderize thousands of names per second), integration with data mining tools, a simple web access to process Excel or text files.

We also provide other name APIs, NamSor Origin and NamSor Diaspora to infer the likely nationality or ethnicity/diaspora of social groups, based on personal names.

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