Ljubljana Declaration on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation

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Ljubljana Declaration on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation

The Ljubljana Declaration was a collaborative effort of the current and upcoming Trio Presidencies, building on the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025. It was developed through a bottom-up process, harnessing experts' views.

The Declaration presents the following six key priorities and activities for the new ERA:

• Ensure fair, open, inclusive and gender equal career paths in research, and consider intersectional perspectives on gender inequalities;

• Facilitate mutual learning opportunities through form-follows-function robust governance;

• Employ existing and newly developed tools, such as Gender Equality Plans, to facilitate systemic institutional change and remove institutional barriers.

• Address and counteract gender-based violence; including root causes and tackling obsolete power dynamics within research and academia.

• Support active and participative monitoring and evaluation to ensure continuous improvement; and

• Leverage synergies to enhance gender equality achievements within the European Research Area, but also within complementary fields such as the European Higher Education Area, structural funds, innovation, as well as in international cooperation.

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