Innovative Potential: Men and Women in Teams

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Over the last decade research groups at London Business School – together with researchers across the world – have developed a deep understanding of how and why innovation occurs. We have identified various factors that make a difference. These factors include the style and competence of team leaders, the way in which team members behave and interact with each other, the quality and extent of relationships and networks that are built both within and across teams, and the actual composition of the teams. This research has also pointed to the crucial role played by the context of the team – both in terms of the practices and processes of the company, and indeed of the culture and norms. In this study, we broaden and deepen our understanding of innovation in teams by taking a closer look at what it means to be a team member, how team members behave with each other, and what impact this has on the team outcome. Their interest here is in gender. They are interested in the individual experience of both men and women in teams. 

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