GYA Women in Science stay and work from home: How might we make Covid-19 lockdown work for us?

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Gender discrimination and gender inequalities in the workplace are widely documented in the literature, while the workload at home is similarly distributed in a skewed way. “In the 2019 Women in the Workplace report, 40 percent of women said they do all or most of the childcare and housework for their families. Just 12 percent of men said the same. This disparity holds true globally. According to a survey OECD conducted in 20 countries, women do an average of 173 minutes of housework each day, compared to just 71 minutes for men. Meanwhile, one in eight women worldwide are single mothers”. The pre-pandemic conditions that were already challenging have worsened during the global Covid-19 crisis for women who struggle to juggle all their different roles.

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